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Texas Observer Magazine - July/August 2019

Where the Bodies Are Buried

Unearthing the legacy of an East Texas massacre.
by Michael Barajas

Forgotten in the Fields

Forced farmworker labor hides in plain sight across Texas.
by Dana Ullman

The Butterfly Effect

Native milkweed can save monarchs — if you know how to grow it.
by Lindsay Stafford Mader

The Clothes that Make the Man

San Antonio artist Jose Villalobos reinvents symbols of macho norteño culture.
by Michael Agresta

The Interview

The director of an El Paso migrant shelter says the city should step up.
Interviewed by Gus Bova


How a small-town jail became a top-notch museum.
by Christopher Collins

The Book Report: King of the Mississippi

Skewering Houston’s corporate culture.
by David Duhr

Film: Seadrift

When the KKK came to Seadrift.
by Rose Cahalan

Texas Workers Are Dying on the Job at Alarming Rates
Left Hooks
Strangest State
...and more.

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