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Texas Observer Magazine - May/June 2020

The New Ensemble
A statewide festival showcases the growing popularity and influence of Mariachi in Texas high schools. 
By Robyn Ross

The Disappeared
Genetic genealogy is helping crack cold cases and identify nameless victims. The process is effective– but controversial. 
By Lise Olsen

The Travelling Midwife
In far West Texas, some women have to travel hours to give birth, endangering themselves and their babies. Could midwives help fill the gap?
By Sophie Novack

Locked Out
Visitation is a critical lifeline for incarcerated people, yet some families say that they have been banned from seeing loved ones over petty and unproven claims of misconduct.
By Michael Barajas

Exotic animals are big business in Texas.
By Asher Elbein

The Interview
Scientist Peter Hotez says coronavirus shows that vaccine development os critical to national security.
Interviewed by Sophie Novack

The Book Report from Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go's
Strangest State
Poem: "Dark Truce"

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