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Texas Obsever Magazine - July/August 2021

On the Cover
An overhead view of Austin's I-35. Photo by Bronte' Whittpenn.

The Road Home
Texas intends to spend $25 billion on widening highways to fix traffic. What if we tore them down instead?
By Megan Kimble

Camped Out
To address growing homelessness, cities like Austin have turned to legalized camps where community and calamity collide. 
By Gus Bova

Blood Quantum
a 16-year-old girl died in adoptive care. Her biological mother says the Indian Child Welfare Act could have saved her. 
By Pauly Denetclaw

Eye on Texas
In Deer Park and other chemical corridor communities, the slow seepage of toxins from petrochemicals plants linger for generations. 
By Audrey Calaway

The Interview
Houston scientist Maria Elena Bottazzi on developing a COVID-19 vaccine that could help immunize the world. 
Interviewed by Sophie Novack 

Political Intelligence
Strangest State
Book Reviews and more.

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