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Texas Obsever Magazine - Sept/Oct 2021

Portraits of the Pandemic
A year and a half into the pandemic, with the majority of Texas' population still unvaccinated, Texans cautiously navigate their way into the next uncertain chapter. 
By Texas Observer Staff

Justice for Some
Texas Rangers are responsible for investigating public integrity complaints statewide. Rarely do those investigations yield any accountability.
By Lise Olsen

Plagued by Pain
Across the country, medical boards allow doctors to keep seeing patients. And patients addicted to opioids keep going back. 
By Olga Khazan

Eye on Texas
A son is comforted by his mother's cooking as his dad battles COVID-19.
By Obed Manuel

The Interview
Janel McKey-Rodriguez wants a local civil rights office to investigate the kind of discrimination he faced as a city staffer. 
By Irene Vázquez

Political Intelligence
Strangest State
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