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Bill of Wrongs : The Executive Branch's Assault on America's Fundamental Rights by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose

In this, her final and perhaps greatest book, Molly Ivins launches a counterattack on the executive branch’s shredding of our cherished Bill of Rights. From illegal wiretaps and the unlawful imprisonment of American citizens to the creeping influence of religious extremism on our national agenda and the erosion of the checks and balances that prevent a president from seizing unitary powers, Ivins and her longtime collaborator, Lou Dubose, describe the attacks on America’s vital constitutional guarantees. With devastating humor and keen eyes for deceit and hypocrisy, they show how severe these incursions have become, and they ask us all to take an active role in protecting the Bill of Rights.

“Wonderfully direct about the costs of our lost civil liberties...Ivins’ voice–in all its drawling, acerbic, storytelling, fearless glory–is stilled now...but her message lives on, and every thoughtful American ought to be listening.”
–The Buffalo News

Random House. Paperback. 240 pages. 

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