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Texas Observer Magazine - September/October 2020

Underwater Wasteland
Climate change threatens Superfund sites in Texas and across the country. 
By Lise Olsen and David Hasemyer

No Place To Be
How Austin bucked the decadeslong trend of criminalizing homelessness. 
By Gus Bova

Pandemic Portraits
Stories of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. 
By Observer Staff

Reframing History
Protests to remove Confederate statues seek to acknowledge Texas' racist history. 
By Michael Barajas

Photo Essay
Shingle Mountain is southern Dallas' most visible environmental justice crisis.
By Amal Ahmed with Photography by Deep Indigi Collective

The Interview
Researcher Howard Henderson on reimagining policing in the U.S.
Interviewed by Michael Barajas

Living Hope
A group on undocumented and disabled immigrants support one another and protest their marginalization.
By Kimberly Myer

"In Early Fall"
By Chera Hammons

Eye on Texas
by Adraint Bereal

Strangest State
Political Intelligence...and more!

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