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LIMITED EDITION: Greg Abbott is Full of Shit T-Shirt & Sticker Pack

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Sometimes, we have to call it as we see it.

After the Uvalde tragedy, it was hard to talk about. Until Texas Observer senior staff writer and associate editor, Gus Bova found the words and said what many were feeling–that Governor Greg Abbott wasn't going to do anything to curb gun violence. Indeed, throughout his terms in office, the governor's agenda has led to the proliferation of even more gun violence in Texas.

An excerpt from “Greg Abbott is Full of Shit, and Culpable,” by Gus Bova, published May 27, 2022, by the Texas Observer:

“In moments like these, maddeningly frequent, what is it we expect from our political leaders? The answer varies according to partisanship. But, generally, we want a leader who feels what we feel, who tells the truth, and who plausibly promises policies to address the problem—the first being a salve for public wounds, the second a necessity for democracy, and the third the literal job description of those in power. With Texas’ governor, you’ll get none of this, and you may as well like it because he’s not changing.”

Read the article:

Each pack includes a 100% cotton t-shirt in your preferred size along with a weather-proof bumper sticker that measures 11"x3.5".

Shirts are ethically-made and printed with sustainable water-based inks in the US.

Sizing is a Unisex standard fit, although these shirts can run slightly long and slim. Size up for a fuller fit. These shirts are pre-laundered for minimal shrinkage. 

Proceeds support Texas Observer's mission to provide fearless independent journalism from the Lone Star State.