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Texas Observer Magazine - May/June 2021

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The Next Trans Griot
After the death of Monica Roberts, a friend continues her legacy of trans activism and storytelling.
By Irene Vázquez

Follow The Money

Over the span of four years, Federal investigators estimate that millions of dollars stolen from Mexican taxpayers passed through one South Texas bank. When they followed the trail, it led to real estate, cars, and airplanes. But in 2018, those investigations stopped.
By Jason Buch

Robert Bullard Isn't Done Yet
More than 40 years after the first environmental justice case, communities of color still face an uphill battle claiming their right to clean air and a healthy neighborhood. 
By Amal Ahmed

Film Review
How the West long glorified violence and oppression. 
By Nic Yeager

Book Review
God Spare the Girls offers a feminist corrective to the biblical story of Lot. 
By Sunny Sone

The Interview
Montserrat Garibay, a Latina Texas labor organizer, joins the Biden administration. 
Interviewed by Gus Bova

Two decades ago, Texas sentenced Clinton Yung to death. I became a lawyer to try to get him free.
By Merel Pontier

By Lucy Griffith

Eye on Texas
By Lynda M. González

On the Cover
Chasing Dirty Money
by Mike McQuade

Strangest State
Loon Star State
Political Intelligence...and more!